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As part of my MA in Communication Art and Design, I was given a brief called “The Single Shot” which involved questioning the relationship between the still and the moving image over a one-minute duration. In its essence, this time frame involves 1500 stills played in a sequence of 25 frames per second (according to the PAL digital video standard), which became the starting point of a longer project, “Mapping the Imaginary”.
I began a series of one-minute time lapse films, each made up of 1500 stills shot during sunset, and always facing South at various points. To give the project a stronger orientation, I chose to use locations along the Prime Meridian line, Oº Longitude. This quite rigid constraint in terms of structuring the work’s time, space and location gave the project a scientific quality at the same time as allowing a controlled serendipity into the equation.
These are all the locations that I filmed in West Africa including the alternative options that haven't been used.